Reasons To Choose Concrete Pavers For Your Yard

Reasons To Choose Concrete Pavers For Your Yard

Reasons To Choose Concrete Pavers For Your Yard

31 March 2023
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Concrete pavers are ideal for different parts of a yard. You can put them on driveways, patios and paths. Here are some ideas for using them in these locations.


Featuring various colours and textures, concrete pavers are great if you want to create interesting paths in your garden. Tumbled pavers have crumbly edges that emulate ancient Roman tracks. You could create low seating that appears to be stone as well. Contrasting colours can be used for the middle and edges of the path.

You can make a concrete paver path straight, curved, wide or narrow. A long, straight path can look monotonous, but you can break up the linear emphasis by using horizontal lines that break it up. For example, set a border of rectangular pavers in a horizontal direction. A basket weave pattern features pairs of horizontal pavers at intervals, and this will also break up a straight path.


Pavers can be used to create a patio that connects to the inside of your house. Just use a concrete paver in a shade simillar to the indoor floor. The pavers should also coordinate with the external walls that the patio may abut against. You could use a lighter or darker shade of the house colour for the pavers. Another aspect to think about is shape. You can bring the house and paver patio together by repeating similar forms. If the house architecture features curves, the pavers could be laid to do the same.

Different paver colours can separate different zones, such as a dining area and a sundeck. For example, terracotta-red pavers could be spread predominantly around the ground, and a light beige could be used to define a border around each area.


Being extremely strong, concrete pavers can also be spread across a driveway. The contractors will construct an appropriately deep subbase of compacted gravel and sand. They'll also use thick pavers that can bear the weight of vehicles.

Concrete pavers can mimic brick and stone. If your house is wooden, you could complement the cladding with brick-look pavers. These pavers will also suit other types of cladding; you simply need to coordinate the hues of the different surfaces.

Pavers can be removed individually and replaced if any sustain damage or staining, providing an advantage over a concrete slab. You can also lift the pavers on the driveway to get access to pipes and plumbing. As long as they're not damaged, the pavers can be used again to re-lay the driveway or for another project.

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