Pro Tips to Help When Using Your Hedge Trimmers

Pro Tips to Help When Using Your Hedge Trimmers

Pro Tips to Help When Using Your Hedge Trimmers

20 April 2020
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When maintaining your garden, one thing you should not neglect is the hedges. You need to keep trimming and reshaping them to keep your garden looking good. That is why you need the help of hedge trimmers. These tools help you design your hedge to look more appealing. You should understand how to use these devices effectively. The article highlights top tips to help you use a hedge trimmer.

Examine the Shape of Your Hedge

Before you begin using your hedge trimmer, take some time to examine the shape of your hedge. The trimmer usually has an inward form at its top. That ensures that there is enough growth at the base. A broad base is essential to offer support for the hedge. 

Lubricate Your Device

These trimming devices use blades in close action using the same concept of the scissors. Thus, lubricating them before you begin trimming is vital. It is best to lubricate them by using spray oil. You can then spray the device from top to bottom on both sides. Ensure you have the right protective gear when lubricating the hedge trimmers. 

Keep Your Trimmer Sharp

Keeping the blades of the tool sharp may seem like an obvious thing. However, most people forget to check the condition of the blades. Always inspect your trimming tool. Also, check the branch tips after you have cut them. If they seem to be ragged or light in colour, then there is a high chance that the blades are blunt. Another sign that your blades need sharpening is when they keep snagging on the hedges. The ideal solution for blunt trimmers is taking them to an approved sharpening expert.

Proper Trimming

Always hold the machine at a distance when using it and stand behind it. It is best to begin trimming from the bottom going towards the top of the hedge. During the process, avoid forcing your way through the bush. That may lead to the damaging of your device. Use straight and smooth motion when you are cutting new growth. A sawing action will work best when dealing with older and thicker growth. Always empty the tarp when it gets full. You can take the trimmings to a compost heap or keep it in a container for proper disposal. 


You can use your hedge trimmers effectively by using these guidelines. The important thing is to maintain your device. That way, it will serve you for an extended period. But, there are different kinds of hedge trimmers in the market. Get to understand the best maintenance tactics to use on your trimming tool. 

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