Four Key Things to Consider When Choosing Turf for a Natural Lawn

Four Key Things to Consider When Choosing Turf for a Natural Lawn

Four Key Things to Consider When Choosing Turf for a Natural Lawn

23 April 2020
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Need to turf supplies for natural lawn installation? Lawn delivery services stock supplies for different turf varieties to match virtually any homeowner's lawn installation requirements. For the average homeowner, choosing the right turf type for a new lawn can be a daunting thing. That is why it is important to do some research before you can make an order for turf supplies delivery. 

If you're struggling to select the best turf variety for your natural lawn, read along to know what to look at when comparing your option.

Level of Maintenance Required

Some grass varieties are naturally hardwearing and require little care to thrive while others will die quickly if they are not looked after regularly. When choosing turf for your lawn, consider the amount of time and energy required to keep specific varieties of turf in top shape.

If you have a busy schedule, you should avoid grass varieties that require a lot of time or energy to maintain. If your home is located in an area that receives little rain, you should go for drought-resistant turf types that require little watering to stay healthy. 

Resistance to Disease

Like other plant species, lawn turf can be vulnerable to disease. Depending on your soil type and the local climate, certain grasses are more resistant to disease than others. Find out the lawn turf diseases that are common in your area and then choose a turf variety that provides maximum resistance to those diseases. 


When you're choosing turf for your natural lawn, you should keep in mind that the product you choose will affect the overall appearance of your home exterior. Each of the different types of lawn turf on the market provides a look that sets it apart from the rest.

For example, the buffalo grass type has an emerald green colour that can make any lawn look vibrant and luscious throughout the year.


Although price isn't a primary factor to consider when selecting natural turf for your residential lawn, turf prices may differ significantly between turf suppliers. The most expensive turf varieties aren't necessarily the best option and cheaper price tags are not always a sign of poor-quality turf. 

The best turf type for you should offer the best combination of quality and price. 

Selecting the correct turf type is crucial for the success of your lawn installation project. If you need help with choosing the appropriate turf variety for your needs, feel free to consult the experts at your local lawn delivery service. 

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