What to Look At When Buying a Lawn Mower

What to Look At When Buying a Lawn Mower

What to Look At When Buying a Lawn Mower

23 April 2020
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Looking to purchase a lawn mower? Lawn mowers are essential pieces of equipment for keeping the grass looking great throughout the year. Unfortunately, you can't go online or make your way into a home improvement store and buy the first machine you see. There are a variety of lawn mowers sold out there, and a keen eye for detail is required to choose the best one for you. Here are some key things to mull over when exploring your options.

The Amount of Work to Be Done

Lawn mowers come in different sizes to suit different workloads. 

With the right upper body strength, you can easily and quickly mow a small lawn with a simple push mower or a standard walk-behind mower, for example. When it comes to handling the heftier task of mowing a larger lawn, more powerful mowing equipment, such as a larger walk-behind or ride-on mower will be required.

When you're choosing one for your lawn mowing task, be sure to match it to your workload. 

The Handling of the Machine

How a lawn mower responds when you're steering it is another important consideration. You need to choose a machine that is suitable for your terrain. A myriad of factors, such as the slope of your lawn and the presence or absence of obstacles like trees, kerbing and flower beds will affect the handling of your mowing equipment. 

For example, push mowers and regular walk-behinds are an ideal choice for small lawns with a level surface. If you'll be mowing on a steep hill, a self-propelled machine will serve you better than a non-motorised one.

Larger lawns with obstacles can benefit from the use of rear-engine riders, which provide high visibility of the work area or zero-turn riding mowers, which can turn 360 degrees without losing their stability. 

How the Machine Is Powered

Generally speaking, lawn mowers rely on human strength to get work done or use some form of energy for propulsion. If your lawn is small and you're an able-bodied person, operating a push mower of a regular walk-behind is great for physical exercise. But in applications where power is a priority, it is best to choose a self-propelled machine.

Self-propelled lawn mowing machines can be powered by electricity, diesel, petrol, and even propane. Ultimately, the power source you choose may come down to what is locally available and its cost and impact on the environment.

With the above tips in mind, choosing the right lawn mower for your needs should be much easier for you. If you're still on the fence about which type of machine to purchase, look at the options of lawn mowers for sale near you..

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