Garden Maintenance Tips

Garden Maintenance Tips

Garden Maintenance Tips

27 April 2020
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Do you have a hard time maintaining your garden? Are you are worried about yellow patches on the grass or a damaged pavement? Read the excerpt below for a few garden maintenance tips.


Drainage is extremely important when trying to maintain a healthy garden. Poor drainage will make your garden soggy after irrigation or during heavy rains. This makes the soil susceptible to erosion. Not only that, but it reduces the amount of air inside the soil hence causing your grass to wilt or have brown patches. Inspect your drainage to remove soil and leaves inside the system. Check your rainwater management system. Clogged gutters will redirect water to your garden hence causing waterlogging in your garden. If you have land drainage coils, check the outflow for clogs. Also, remember to add some gravel every few months to improve soil permeability. 

Grass Maintenance

Below are some tips to help keep your grass green. 

  • Use organic fertilisers. Chemical fertilisers will affect soil pH and cause soil pollution.
  • Automatic sprinklers will make it easy for you to water the grass. If you do not have sufficient funds, a garden hose will be just fine.
  • Water the lawn twice a day (early morning and evening) during hot months. Do not water your plants when the sun is high. Otherwise, the water may evaporate before the plant can even take any in.
  • Mow your grass to at least three inches tall. It ensures the plants have sufficient chlorophyll to absorb sunlight.

The grass should be ideal for your climate. Plant cool-season grasses in areas that have a lot of shade. If your kids will play on the lawn, choose a grass with excellent self-repair properties.

Trees and Shrubs

Determine an appropriate height for your trees. Prune the branches to ensure your grass has access to sunlight. Regular mulching will ensure the trees have sufficient moisture. It also provides the trees with a constant supply of nutrients. Do not forget to trim your hedges to an appropriate height. 

Pavements and Landscape Installations

Below is a guide on how to maintain your pavements and landscape installations. 

  • Clean the pavements with running water and baking soda. Pressurised water may damage the pavements.
  • Leaves on your gazebo or patio roof will rot and cause rust.
  • Sealing potholes and cracks on your sidewalks and asphalt driveways will help increase the longevity of these installations.
  • Apply rust-resistant primer on your fence and gate to prevent rusting. Besides, you could repaint the fence to improve its appeal. 

With the above tips, you should have an easy time maintaining your landscape. An experienced and professional landscaper will help you plan maintenance works. 

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