Backyard Lighting: Where to Place It to Change the Mood and Feel of Your Landscape

Backyard Lighting: Where to Place It to Change the Mood and Feel of Your Landscape

Backyard Lighting: Where to Place It to Change the Mood and Feel of Your Landscape

14 May 2020
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When most homeowners have a landscaping project, shrubs, perennial trees, and flowering plants are the first options that come into their mind. However, some haven't realised that backyard lighting could do more than what the plants could. Backyard lighting doesn't just enhance aesthetics; it also boosts security and safety in your property. If you can't get solar lights to illuminate your patios, walkways or gardens, you could still use low-voltage bulbs to create the same effect. No matter how beautiful your garden is or how stylish your decks look, you could still feel insecure when the outdoors isn't adequately lit. If you have several backyard lighting options to explore, you then need to know where you could place the lights.

Backyard Gardens

Garden lights are all you need to create a beautiful backyard. When installing garden lights, consider the effect the shadows and light would create and how it would affect the theme you want to create. Although you might first consider how bright the garden lights are when installing them, it's advisable to install those camouflaged as butterflies and flowers. Choose accent lights if you want to show off your pond, statue, water fountains or gazebo or those amazing plants and trees growing in your backyard. The lighting techniques you use will determine how perfectly you create a shadow balance.

Backyard Decks

If you thought you could only spend quality time in your outdoor deck or patio during the day, you need to try it at night with backyard lights on and feel the difference. Well-lit decks help create a perfect ambience and romantic mood that you and your family need for an outdoors party or dinner. For instance, if you plan to celebrate a birthday party for your child or spouse, you could have it on your well-lit deck in the evening and enjoy an unforgettable moment. Deck lighting ensures your kids don't trip over their toys, and it also deters intruders. If you don't have tiki torches to light your deck, you can use umbrella lights or hanging lanterns or even both to create a unique effect.

Backyard Walkways

You feel safer at night when your walkways and garden paths have adequate lighting. Lighting walkways will not only offer safety to your family, but it will also prevent accidents and injuries to your guests. If you can't find large poles to place the backyard lights on, you can use shorter ones and still create a more sophisticated design. If you intend to light your stairways and driveways, you can place paver lights at the bottom of the stones or bricks. Floodlights would work wonders for people with shorter paths or walkways. If you don't want the lights to illuminate the landscape throughout the night, you could install motion sensors or timers to light the walkways only when necessary.

Before you decide where the backyard lighting will be placed, consider the kind of atmosphere you intend to create. Backyard lights come in different affordable options, and they don't just boost the aesthetics of your property and make you feel safer, but they are also functional. 

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