Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Turf

Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Turf

Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Turf

15 May 2020
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Buffalo grass is a warm-season grass with a beautiful appeal and drought-resistant qualities. It is a perfect choice for most homeowners since it requires little maintenance. Read the article below to learn more about buffalo grass. 

Choosing Buffalo Grass For Your Landscape

You could either purchase seed, sod or artificial turf. When buying seed, conduct some background research to identify companies that manufacture quality products. Landscape blogs and home improvement forums will provide vital information regarding the quality of various seeds. Preferably, you should purchase products engineered to suit your climate. 

As a rule, you should purchase sod from a lawn in your area. It ensures the grass has an easy time growing. Preferably, buy the sod from one supplier to ensure you get a uniform colour on your landscape. Examine the sod to ensure it does not have any pests or signs of disease. 

When buying artificial grass, ask for samples from the various suppliers. It ensures you get the right colour and length of leaves. The grass should have a high leaf density. It helps avoid patches after a few years of use. A turf with soft leaves will ensure the safety of kids and pets playing on the lawn. Check the manufacturer's warranty. You will pay more if the grass lasts for many years. Ask a skilled and experienced professional to install the turf. A landscaper will create a proper base to prevent the lawn from shifting, having poor drainage or forming potholes. 

Planting Tips

Prepare your landscape by removing any rocks and weeds from the garden. Besides, you should create a slope to avoid waterlogging problems during heavy rains. Land drainage coils and French drains are an ideal way to overcome waterlogging if you cannot create a slope on your landscape. Go for environmentally friendly organic fertilisers as you plant your seed and sod. Besides, remember to spray approved pesticides and herbicides to control pests and weeds on the lawn. 

Maintenance Tips

Below are some buffalo turf maintenance tips:

  1. The grass requires moderate moisture to grow. As such, do not use too much water on your lawn.
  2. Water the grass in the morning or evening. Watering the grass when the sun is high could cause root damage.
  3. The grass does not grow tall. However, if you would want to mow the lawn, maintain the leaves at 3 inches. It ensures the grass has sufficient leaves to make food.
  4. Fertilisers should be applied at least twice a year to ensure a healthy lawn.  

Consult your landscaper if you identify yellow leaves or patches on your grass. He or she will advise what pesticides you should use. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that has products like buffalo turf.

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