Benefits of a Drone in Land Surveying

Benefits of a Drone in Land Surveying

Benefits of a Drone in Land Surveying

23 June 2020
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Aerial photogrammetry is a critical part of land surveying, particularly in agricultural management, urban planning and environmental impact assessments. Although surveyors can use planes or drones, it is advisable to choose a professional that uses the latter. This article highlights the key reasons why unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are the perfect alternative for land surveys compared to survey planes.


Inaccessible properties offer a unique challenge to land surveyors since crewed survey planes require a runway. Besides, regions that are laden with obstructions such as trees and hills pose a serious threat to the safety of an aircraft. On the other hand, drones do not need a runway because they can take off vertically and land virtually anywhere. For example, a drone can even work on a swampy site since an operator can place it on top of a vehicle during takeoff and when landing. The ability to take off and land anywhere makes unmanned aerial vehicles the perfect choice for aerial survey services, especially for properties with accessibility challenges.


It would be naïve for a land surveyor to eliminate the possibility of accidents during a land surveying project. Notably, a survey team must be insured to cover for any eventualities. Since insurance is considered part of operational costs, land surveying firms pass it to clients, which makes survey services expensive. Drones are the exact opposite because they do not have a crew. Therefore, no human life is put at risk as a UAV flies. Although an insurance cover is still necessary, the policy only covers a drone kit in case the device malfunctions midair, falls and gets damaged. However, premiums will be much lower, thereby making land survey services significantly more cost-effective.

Optimal Performance in Bad Weather

Weather conditions can adversely affect the quality of pictures taken from a land survey plane. For instance, a bad storm can reduce visibility to only a few meters. A survey plane pilot cannot operate under such conditions because the chances of an accident are heightened. Furthermore, the ideal survey altitude depends on prevailing weather conditions. However, you do not have to worry about such issues when a land surveyor uses a drone. Proximity, coupled with the high-quality cameras on survey drones, makes it possible to take high-quality pictures even in bad weather. Drones can also go as low as a pilot wishes to take better photographs in areas with reduced visibility.

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