Ways That Natural Stone Pavers Offer Diversity For A Landscape

Ways That Natural Stone Pavers Offer Diversity For A Landscape

Ways That Natural Stone Pavers Offer Diversity For A Landscape

10 July 2020
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If you're looking for a substance to add functionality and beauty to your garden, consider natural stone pavers. Providing abundant design freedom, these versatile landscape elements can create virtually limitless looks and serve different functions. Read on for more details on the versatility they offer.

Variety Of Colours

Natural stone pavers are available in assorted colours such as black, blue, grey, green, pink, fawn and ivory. The tones emerge from local minerals that settle within rock fissures over thousands of years. Thus, while stone varieties, such as granite and slate, have characteristic looks, each particular slab is unique because of the local mineral content in the earth. With such diversity, when designing your landscape, you'll be able to find complementarily toned natural stone pavers for your home cladding, foliage and other surrounding objects.

Different Shapes

The versatility of natural stone pavers extends to their shape and size. Rock can be carved into square, rectangular, round or irregular chunks in different sizes. Thus, you'll be able to channel virtually any look and aesthetic. You could cover a classic patio in large, square fawn travertine pavers for an ancient palatial feel. Another possibility is to surround a kidney-shape pool with irregular crazy paving that echoes the free-flowing pool curves. Ashlar designs combine large and small square and rectangular pavers for elegant and exciting surfaces. For a traditional country feel, lay pavers in a basketweave pattern for pathways or patios.

Can Go In All Areas

Natural stone pavers can cover various areas of your landscape, for instance, patios, pathways, pool decks and driveways. You can install ones with textured surfaces and seal them with anti-slip finishes if you live in a rainy climate or if you're installing a pool deck. Another way to create a surface with excellent grip is to use sandblasting techniques that roughen up the stone. 

To create firm surfaces, lay closely-set pavers and fill the gaps with sand. Alternatively, pavers can be set within cement for even more solid exteriors. Thus, you can construct high-traffic pathways and driveways, or simple walking paths to wheel a bicycle along.   

Of course, you can also create decorative stepping stone paths with spaced-out pavers, filled in between with colourful pebbles that you can include within your landscape supplies. Or else, why not lay the stone slabs within the lawn at intervals for a rustic and organic trail? Additionally, stone pavers can edge your garden beds, containing the soil and setting off the foliage with gorgeous complementary tones and textures. 

For more information, reach out to a local landscape supplies provider.

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