How to Use Decorative Aggregates in Your Garden

How to Use Decorative Aggregates in Your Garden

How to Use Decorative Aggregates in Your Garden

6 August 2020
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Decorative aggregates are among the most versatile of landscape supplies. The benefits of these aggregates go beyond aesthetics, as they also have functional benefits.

Some decorative aggregates are more suited to a particular function and others to another, but here is an outline of how you can use these landscape supplies and their benefits.

Create a Path in Your Garden

Decorative aggregates are perfect for creating pathways in the garden. Preparation of the sub-base includes uprooting any vegetation present and levelling with a rake. After the preparation, you need to spread out the aggregates to create a pathway that not only looks great but that will also not shift around as you walk on it.

One of the benefits to this type of pathway is that you won't have to worry about dragging into the house any dust or mud from outside. Regardless of the weather, you have a clear path to walk on all year round.

Improve Drainage

Tied to the function of creating a path is that these landscaping supplies also improve drainage wherever they are placed in your garden. Water quickly runs through the aggregates and into the ground, ensuring that you do not run the risk of flooding in your garden.

This means you don't have to worry about having to stay out of your garden during the rainy season. Similarly, you can water your garden with as much water as you need to, and as often as may be necessary, without holding back for fear of flooding.

Control Weeds

Alongside other landscape supplies such as a weed control membrane, garden aggregates are perfect for keeping weeds out of your garden. The aggregates create a barrier that effectively prevents weeds from seeding and penetrating.

For this purpose, you can use aggregates alongside mulch. However, you will achieve results that are just as good, or even better, if you substitute the aggregates for mulch, as it gives your plant plenty of breathing space around the roots.

Add to Your Pond or Water Feature

Throw in some aggregates into your garden pond or water feature, and you give it an authentic feel. These landscape supplies are fish-friendly so you don't have to worry about the environment in the pond not being conducive for fish. You can also use the aggregates to line and decorate the edges of your pond.

With garden aggregates such as pebbles and slate, you can get landscape supplies that you can use in many different ways, and you can rest assured of value for your money.

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