4 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Office Cleaning Service

4 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Office Cleaning Service

4 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Office Cleaning Service

21 April 2021
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Office cleaning is not a task to leave to your staff, as it simply isn't a good use of their time. Instead, bring in an office cleaning service that specialises in this task.

1. Implement a Tidying Policy

Office cleaners don't typically deal with clutter. Services are relatively straightforward in that the cleaners will wash up windows, empty the bins, clean the floors, dust and tend to the toilets. If stacks of paper are sitting around or heaps of dishes are in the break room sink, the cleaner may not move these as it isn't typically in their contract. The office needs to be kept tidy between cleaning, so make sure there is an enforced policy for all staff to pick up after themselves.

2. Provide Clear Instructions

Clear instructions on what you expect from your cleaners need to be provided on-site for the team to reference, and they should also be on file with the cleaning service. These instructions may include additional tasks you would like completed, such as cleaning out the office fridge once a week. Alternatively, it may include things you don't want the cleaners to attend to, such as listing off-limits offices that aren't to be professionally cleaned. The more specific the instructions, the better the service that you can expect.

3. Schedule For Off Hours

The ideal time for the cleaners to arrive is when everyone has left the office for the day. It's just easier for the cleaners to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently when other staff and clients aren't underfoot. You can opt to have the cleaners come in after closing time, before the office opens or over the weekend. If your building does not have on-site security, you will need to either provide a key to the cleaning service or have someone on-site to let them in.

4. Invest In Extra Services

Office cleaning schedules depend on your needs, with most packages running either daily or weekly cleanings. There are also extra services that you can schedule periodically that can help create a cleaner and nicer work environment. For example, on the regular schedules, office carpets are vacuumed. Occasionally, though, you may want to have the service complete a carpet shampoo and stain treatment. Inquire to the service for a list of optional services and set up a schedule for those that would benefit your office. 

Contact a corporate office cleaning service if you need more information.

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