Lawnmower Buying Guide

Lawnmower Buying Guide

Lawnmower Buying Guide

21 April 2021
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Shopping for a new lawnmower requires that one knows what options are available. The following will introduce you to these options as well as provide some guidance on what each type of mower is best suited to.

Push Vs. Electric Vs. Petrol

Push mowers are the simplest and most environmentally friendly option since they are driven by human power as opposed to motor power. These have come a long way in the last few years, so they are much easier to push with less effort. You can even find models with bags attached so it's much easier to collect the cuttings to tip into the bin. Push mowers are most suited to smaller, level lawns. They can be difficult to push over bumpy terrain.

With electric mowers, you actually have two options — corded or cordless. Corded mowers are cost-effective and provide plenty of power for a decently sized lawn. With a corded mower, you won't have to worry about the reach or location of the cord, but there will be some loss of power. A major benefit of electric mowers is that they are lightweight and relatively quiet, making them easy to use on small and medium-sized lawns.

Petrol mowers provide the most power, making them the least work-intensive option for larger lawns. These mowers are also available in larger sizes with wider cutting bases, so they can cut the grass in a larger lawn more quickly compared to the smaller electric counterparts. Opt for 2 stroke mower engines for small lawns, and 4 stroke engines for medium to large lawns.

Ride On Vs. Hand Mowing

Whether you opt for a ride on or a hand mower depends on the size of the lawn you must clip. For smaller lawns, the hand mower makes the most sense, as it takes up minimal storage space. It can also be more difficult to manoeuvre riding mowers on smaller lawns or those with odd layouts, which means a hand mower may be the only logical option.

Riding mowers are the lawnmower of choice for larger sized lawns. Not only can they cover more ground quickly, they require much less effort so you won't expend a day's worth of energy simply clipping the turf. Riding mowers typically only come with petrol engines, so power isn't an issue. You should opt for a higher horsepower engine if you have steep slopes to mow, though.

Contact a lawnmower dealer in your area to see some of the options available.

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