Two Tips to Follow if You've Ordered a Commercial Sprinkler System

Two Tips to Follow if You've Ordered a Commercial Sprinkler System

Two Tips to Follow if You've Ordered a Commercial Sprinkler System

13 May 2021
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If you've ordered a commercial sprinkler system and are going to have a landscaper fit it soon, here are some tips you should follow after it's been installed.

Avoid using the sprinklers during your opening hours

The landscaper will connect your sprinkler system to a timer and will either set the times on this device for you or will show you how to do this yourself. When deciding what time to have the sprinklers go on, you should try to choose periods when your business will be shut.

There are two reasons for this; firstly, if the sprinklers are on whilst your customers are coming and going, there is a chance that some of the water may land on them if they walk close to the grass where the sprinklers are located. Whilst this won't harm them, it might annoy them.

Secondly, if the sprinklers are on, your customers who are walking by the landscaped area won't be able to appreciate its beauty, as the water spraying out of the sprinklers will obscure the lawn and any nearby flowers. As such, if the purpose of your premises' green areas is to impress and delight your customers, it's best to only switch on the sprinklers when they're not around.

If there are plants that your landscaper has said must be watered at a time of day that coincides with your opening hours, you should set the system so that only the sprinklers in the area where these plants are located get switched on.

Be quick to alert your landscaper if anyone damages any part of the sprinklers

Commercial sprinkler systems are very hardy, so it's unlikely that the one you've ordered will ever get badly damaged. However, if a customer or a staff member damages a part of your sprinkler system (for example, if someone drops a piece of food on the lawn and it gets wedged into one of the sprinklers) you should alert your landscaper immediately.

If you don't, you may find that the grass and other plants where the damaged sprinkler is located start to dry out and turn brown. This could happen very quickly if the sprinkler breaks when it's hot out. If you let the landscaper know about this issue right away, however, they can fix the sprinkler (or order a replacement) and, in the meantime, you can manually water the plants in this area so that they stay alive.

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