How To Future Proof Your Lawn Mower So That It Lasts Decades

How To Future Proof Your Lawn Mower So That It Lasts Decades

How To Future Proof Your Lawn Mower So That It Lasts Decades

16 June 2021
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Lawn mowers are an important tool that many households in Australia use on a regular basis to trim the evergrowing grass on their property. This is especially useful during summer when grass can shoot up several centimetres a week, if not more. The real question is how do you choose a lawn mower that will last for as long as possible? There are so many options that it can be hard to pinpoint just one that is the best. Instead, here are a few features you should be looking for in the many lawn mowers for sale across the country.

Detachable Battery

Electric lawn mowers are becoming more and more common and for obvious reasons. They are cheaper to run, quieter, more efficient, powerful and simple to maintain. However, you should be trying to find not just an electric lawn mower but one with a battery that is easy to take off. That is because the battery will most likely be the component that ages the quickest, so if you do need to replace it, a detachable battery is the easiest option. This future proofs your lawn mower while also making day-to-day use easier, as you don't have to put the whole lawn mower right up to a power point to charge it, you only need to have the battery there.

Quality Blade

The blade is, of course, the most important part of a lawn mower, and it is a good idea to get one that has a noted history of performance, rather than one from a new, up and coming brand that might not have the same trustworthiness. Sometimes it can be okay to take a punt on these brands, but if you want your lawn mower to last a few decades, then go with what you know. Don't pick a blade that is too big, as it can make it tricky to get the edges done neatly, and make sure it is easy to adjust the height.


Often the place manufacturers will save the most money with their lawn mowers is the actual frame, replacing metal fixtures with hard plastic alternatives. While those will last for quite a few years, they will not get the longevity that you are looking for. Metal frames with thick casings are important to stand up to all the dirt, rain, grime and heat that will affect your lawn mower over the years. If your budget is a major concern when looking at lawn mowers for sale, you can go for more plastic options, but just be prepared for a more continuous cycle of repairs after a few years.

To learn more about lawn mowers for sale, contact a local home and garden store.

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