3 Reasons Why Buffalo Turf Will Last Longer Than Other Lawns

3 Reasons Why Buffalo Turf Will Last Longer Than Other Lawns

3 Reasons Why Buffalo Turf Will Last Longer Than Other Lawns

15 September 2021
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Did your last lawn die off before you even had a chance to get to the root of the problem? Whether you live in a particularly adverse climate, you have an active family that tramples the lawn, or anything in between, there are many reasons why lawns can die before you'd expect them to. Thankfully, there is an alternative: buffalo turf. Alongside being one of the best choices for a soft and brightly coloured lawn that boosts your curb appeal, buffalo turf has several features that make it particularly long-lasting. Take a look at three of these reasons below.

1. It's more resistant to dry spells

Unless you live in a particularly stormy part of Australia, you're probably no stranger to dry weather. Droughts aren't uncommon, and when they happen, it can be hard to keep your lawn alive—especially if your local authority bans excess water usage. 

One of the best features that buffalo turf has over other types of grass is its great drought resistance, made possible by its deep root system. The better the root system, the more efficiently will your grass use water; this is what helps buffalo turf survive in dry conditions for longer than its competitors.

2. It keeps pests and diseases at bay

If you've lost a lawn to flies and grubs or diseases like lawn fungus, don't hesitate to look into buffalo turf. Pest and disease resistance is actually one of this grass's biggest benefits. While there are ways to keep bugs and bacteria away from your grass, in some areas, it can be very hard to get a foothold on the problem. For example, if you live in a moist environment, you'll likely attract a lot of mildew and moisture-loving insects, both of which can wreak havoc on your lawn. Since buffalo grass isn't as susceptible to these problems, you'll likely find it lasts a whole lot longer than your last lawn.

3. It won't die from wear and tear

Another great feature about buffalo turf is the fact that it recovers from wear and tear very quickly. If you have a family with kids that enjoy playing outside or you have a pet that loves to roll around on the grass, this will be a lifesaver for you. Buffalo turf recovers fast because of its high growth rate. This means you do not have to worry about killing off your lawn by trampling, mowing, or simple walking. 

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