How to Prepare Your Steeply-Sloping Yard for a Landscaping Project

How to Prepare Your Steeply-Sloping Yard for a Landscaping Project

How to Prepare Your Steeply-Sloping Yard for a Landscaping Project

4 April 2022
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When you think about landscaping, you may not think about heavy equipment, but if you have a steeply undulating plot and want to create something that lasts, you've got to do your preparation. What factors do you have to bear in mind, and what type of equipment will you need to bring in?

Understanding the Challenge

If your plot has to deal with a significant slope, you may struggle to create anything of substance other than a difficult-to-maintain lawn. You may also run the risk of erosion which, unless you have some very hardy plants or grasses in place, could quickly reduce your masterpiece into a sorry sight to behold.

Careful Installation

Yet you can certainly achieve a great result if you divide your slope into steps, each one of which is supported by a retaining wall. The wall itself may be hidden beneath topsoil and plants, but it will need to be carefully designed and installed.


You need to begin with excavation so that you can prepare each wall carefully through a step-by-step approach. Each step should have a layer of brick sitting on top of a solid base, with a mix of sand and cement. You may also need a compacter to make sure that the base level is perfectly flat, and you should talk with your equipment supplier about your actual needs.

Drainage Systems

You will probably need a drainage system towards the back of your slope, which will take away any pressure from your installation. This will need to be carefully designed and installed, and remember, if your slope comes up against your neighbour's land, this drainage capacity must be on your side and not theirs. After all, you have the responsibility for proper drainage on your land. Many people will install a perforated drainpipe behind the first layer of brick and will point this towards an appropriate drainage point (like a French drain).

Assessing the Scale

Much will depend on the size and specification of your landscaping job, but don't be surprised if you need several different retaining walls at specific intervals. Each one will be lower than the other, of course, and you will have to fill in the backing area between each wall with soil and your choice of landscaping.

Where to Start

As you can see, this is not quite as straightforward as it might appear, but it is achievable if you get the right equipment at the beginning. Talk with an earthmoving company to learn more about the process.

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