How to Use Decorative Aggregates in Your Garden

6 August 2020
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Decorative aggregates are among the most versatile of landscape supplies. The benefits of these aggregates go beyond aesthetics, as they also have functional benefits. Some decorative aggregates are more suited to a particular function and others to another, but here is an outline of how you can use these landscape supplies and their benefits. Create a Path in Your Garden Decorative aggregates are perfect for creating pathways in the garden. Preparation of the sub-base includes uprooting any vegetation present and levelling with a rake.
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Ways That Natural Stone Pavers Offer Diversity For A Landscape

10 July 2020
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If you're looking for a substance to add functionality and beauty to your garden, consider natural stone pavers. Providing abundant design freedom, these versatile landscape elements can create virtually limitless looks and serve different functions. Read on for more details on the versatility they offer. Variety Of Colours Natural stone pavers are available in assorted colours such as black, blue, grey, green, pink, fawn and ivory. The tones emerge from local minerals that settle within rock fissures over thousands of years.
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Benefits of a Drone in Land Surveying

23 June 2020
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Aerial photogrammetry is a critical part of land surveying, particularly in agricultural management, urban planning and environmental impact assessments. Although surveyors can use planes or drones, it is advisable to choose a professional that uses the latter. This article highlights the key reasons why unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are the perfect alternative for land surveys compared to survey planes. Accessibility Inaccessible properties offer a unique challenge to land surveyors since crewed survey planes require a runway.
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Four Crucial Precautions for Installing Landscaping Pavers

28 May 2020
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The process of installing pavers might seem straightforward, but the actual work is quite intricate. In simple terms, there are multiple phases of the procedure which must be followed to ensure that the completed pavement is reliable and durable. Therefore, if you are interested in using paving stones as part of your landscape, it is advisable to choose a qualified and experienced contractor. This will minimise the risk of premature structural failure.
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Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Turf

15 May 2020
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Buffalo grass is a warm-season grass with a beautiful appeal and drought-resistant qualities. It is a perfect choice for most homeowners since it requires little maintenance. Read the article below to learn more about buffalo grass.  Choosing Buffalo Grass For Your Landscape You could either purchase seed, sod or artificial turf. When buying seed, conduct some background research to identify companies that manufacture quality products. Landscape blogs and home improvement forums will provide vital information regarding the quality of various seeds.
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